Community Triage Center – Las Vegas

The CTC serves the Las Vegas Valley as a hospitality emergency room diversion for individuals with a substance use disorder and those needing mental health stabilization and management.

Programs Offered at the Community Triage Center

Established in 2003, the Community Triage Center (CTC) is a state licensed 51-bed medical and social model withdrawal management facility. Annually, the CTC sees approximately 5,000 individuals seeking treatment.

Withdrawal Management

Assessments, continuous supervision, and stabilization. Case management provides a treatment plan with outcomes, and continuum of care referrals to ensure clients are referred to the most appropriate level of care.

Adult Crisis Stabilization

Crisis stabilization is needed when individuals are at risk of suicide, homicide, or a severe mental health crisis of some kind. Nurses, doctors, and psychiatrists work to assess the client and determine the proper medical course needed to start the stabilization process. They then monitor the individual and refer them to programs and services they will need once stabilized.

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Insurances Accepted

No insurance - no problem! We have a Nevada State Welfare Outreach Enroller onsite and can get uninsured persons connected with benefits the same day services are requested. We will not turn anybody away due to an inability to pay.