Uplifting the Human Spirit

WestCare empowers everyone with whom we come into contact to engage in a process of healing, growth and change benefiting themselves, their families, coworkers and communities

Uplifting the Human Spirit

WestCare is one of Nevada’s top-rated and longest-running treatment organizations for over 40 years.

WestCare is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) and operates in 18 states and 3 US territories with international prospects

We are here for you

Every WestCare Nevada program is part of a continuum of person-centered care. Our wide spectrum of behavioral health services is available to adults, families, pregnant and parenting women in the following service domains:

Treatment & Rehabilitation

Mental Health & Wellness

Criminal Justice

Veteran Services

Housing Opportunities

Education & Prevention

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Insurances Accepted

We have a Nevada State Welfare Outreach Enroller onsite and can get uninsured persons connected with benefits the same say services are requested.